"Antonin Hepnar has learned to work with wood in his study years and never swapped it for other materials. Processing is a technique,accompanied by a man whose knowledge of antiquity-turning. Intentionally therefore define the art space very closely, he believes thatthe material process chosen will not result in restriction or narrowing of his testimony, but will contribute to what has become fullestand most convincing.

Hepnars work convinces enough that due to these specific determinations fulfills its mission in abundance. With the material that he has chosen works with unerring virtuosity, gives up his qualities to excel, his warm, matt surface of drawing yearssearching for the forms that they are its natural appearance, but also acknowledge and underline its nature. During tracking down awide variety of species and thus give the wood a monumental and intimate. In his monumental work uses processes extendingagelong shaping index. The principle of composition of elementary shapes it becomes the basis for building interior artefacts, but alsofree of plastic objects. Antonin Hepnar still discovers new quality material, with which it operates, extending the index and its use of its fine location and thisis the time when the timber stores an intervention handmade, so rarely seen, the value of other valuable."
PhDr. Ludmila Kybalová CSc. on Hepnar

“Designer, artist, interior designer and woodworker, Antonín Hepnar is one of the most distinctive figures of applied arts of the second half of the twentieth century. He graduated from Prague High School of Applied Arts (Professor Václav Markup's studio). Since then, he has been engaged in wood crafting in all its forms; from applied objects to the free ones, from lights to interior work and restoration. He is a member of Association of interior designers (Asociace interiérových architektů) and a holder of "Master of arts and crafts" (Mistr uměleckého řemesla) merit award. 

Hepnar has been working with wood since the late fifties. He continues to be one of the most experienced woodworkers in the country. Due to his technical experience and his background, he was approached by a number of architects and designers. That's how he came to work on some wooden interior elements of the legendary Hotel Praha. Throughout his creative career, he gradually built his specific artistic code, which reached its peak mainly in the seventies. It was back then that his diverse lathed shapes, both the iconic candleholders and the unique lights, became the trademark of his work. Despite their decoration influence and what we can call new baroque, they still remain incredibly timeless. Archetypal, slender forms are minimalistic and decorative at the same time. Hepnar provided his pieces almost exclusively to the "Dílo" galleries, delivering them in limited editions determined mostly by the challenging process of crafting itself. Later, he refined his process of crafting into a technique called "plastification" which up to this day, he uses to create bowls. He steams them to achieve purposely distorted shapes shifting the quality of wood towards the level of fragile and subtle material such as porcelain. Hepnar’s work allows extraordinary look into the world of the handicraft design comparable to the period tendencies in the US where similar creative perspectives were reflected."
Adam Štěch - Dolcevita Editor - On Hepnar

Exhibitions and awards

London Design Festival (LDF)
Designblok ´13 Prague

Designblok ´12 - group exhibition

Light Sculptures, Czech Table Lamps 1950 - 1990, Lodz Design Festival
Exhibition ZIMNÍ FRESH in the Futurista Gallery
Exhibition Alvatar Aalto in the Křehký Gallery

Retrospective of Light, Designblok 2010, Prague
Outstanding contribution to DESIGNBLOK 2010 award. Together with OKOLO for the "Retrospektiva světla” (Retrospective of Light) exhibition
“Proměna věcí” (Transformation of Things), Window Gallery

CraftDesign, Designsupermarket 2010, Prague

Object and Design - ideas of living for 1998, Community centre Zenith, Munich
Deco-in, Berlín
Arts and Crafts Exhibition, Munich

Czech exposition at the Furniture Fair, Kolín nad Rýnem
Interior Accessories, design, ÚLUV, Prag

Interior supplements, design, ÚLUV, Prague
“Portrét v designu” (Portrait in Design), U Prstenu Gallery, Prague
Objects, Centrum Gallery (Platýz), Prague

Award in design competition, "DOBRÝ DESIGN“ (The Good Design) award for a table light

Exhibition of Lighting and design, Dílo ČFVU - Můstek Gallery, Prague
Exhibition of Lighting and design, Dílo ČFVU - Hradec Králové Gallery

Parlour of applied arts, Prague
Exhibition of lighting and works for architecture, Dílo ČFVU - Gallery Prague, Bratislava

Exhibition with Jitka Štenclová, Dílo ČFVU - Centrum Gallery, Prague

Exhibition with Eva Jandíková, Dílo ČFVU - Centrum Gallery, Prague
ARTIFICER in woodwork title (awarded by the Minister of Culture)

Display of arts and crafts, exhibition hall of ÚLUV, Prague
Best arts and crafts work competition awards in 1968 - 1970.

Award in "PRAŽSKÉ SUVENÝRY" (Prague Souvenirs) competition (lathed figures)


ELLE DECORATION, spring 2011
Pavlína Blahotová - design dialog DOBRÉ SVĚTLO

ELLE DECORATION, summer 2011
Janka Murínová - Generational harmony

dolcevita, August 2010
Adam Štěch - wood love

dolcevita, November 2010
Adam Štěch - design jede! (design's in!)

Hospodářské noviny - supplement, 5.11.2010
Maxim Velčovský - STYL
Muchomůrka Antonína Hepnara (Antonín Hepnar's Amanita)

Hospodářské noviny - supplement, 6.2.2004
Vít Straňák
Jiná vejce, jiné květiny (Different Eggs, Different Flowers)

Český design 1995-2000
Jiří Pelcl
Selected works, pg. 95

Art Centre Chagall
Antonín Hepnar, pg. 131

Bydlení, issue 3/1996
Lenka Žižková
Krásné mísy Antonína Hepnara (Antonín Hepnar's beautiful bowls)

Domov, issue 1/1996
Ivana Čapková
Mísy Antonína Hepnara (Antonín Hepnar's bowls)

Magazine Umění a Řemesla, issue 4/1995
Karel Fabel
Exibice osamělého mistra (Exhibition of a lonely master)

Story, issue 47/1995 Milan Ležák jr.
Interview with Antonín Hepnar

Newspaper Telegraf, issue 78/1994
Renata Tesařová
Antonín Hepnar a jeho dřevo v pohybu (Antonín Hepnar and his wood in motion)

Architekt, issue 22/1990
Olga Myslivečková
Zvonice Antonína Hepnara (Antonín Hepnar's bell tower)

Architekt, issue 15/1989
PhDr. Ludmila Kybalová CSc.
Netradiční osvětlovadla (Nontraditional lighting)

Československý svět, issue 12-13/1979
Ivana Rezková
Píseň dřeva (Wood's song)

Magazine Domov, issue 6/1979
Olga Myslivečková
Dřevo v rotačních tvarech Antonína Hepnara (Antonín Hepnar's wood in rotational shapes)